I've been on antidepressant/anti anxiety meds for over 30 years.before Cymbalta I was on Effexor for two years.
Over the last several years I've gained a lot of weight and lost interest in everything that used to make me ME. A friend taking Cymbalta said it gave her a ton of energy and my physician let me try it.
Well it had the opposite side effect for me! I was a zombie. All I wanted to do was eat and sleep. No interest at all in my friends, family, my spouse...
My physician suggested maybe I didn't need these drugs AT ALL anymore and I do the standard taper routine. I was taking 60 mg.What he didn't know is I had already missed two days, just because I was in such a "fog" I could barely function. So I tried quitting COLD.
I had no negative side effects for 9 days and figured I was home free. And, I felt more energetic and had EMOTIONS again!!
Day 10 I got my first brain zap. What an eye opener!! That day I also started having body aches and chills. These symptoms progressed for the next 2 days. I thought I might die, I was in so much PAIN.
I took 30 mg and the symptoms went away in an hour.
MY QUESTION: why can't you taper a small amount every day( by taking apart the capsule and removing the same portion each day)? Why stay in the next taper dose for weeks at a time?
For instance I take it apart, take what would be approximately 3.75mg out, and take 2 x 3.75mg out 2nd day, and so on . I should be off on the 8th day.
If I feel symptoms I'll bump back to previous dose for a few days, then try again.
My thought is, if my energy, emotions, and INTEREST are back, I want to be drug free ASAP
I've done this for 2 days with no negative side effects, but then, as I previously stated, I was fine TAKING NONE for 10 days, and that backfired.

I would welcome any responses.

Thanks and GOD BLESS!!