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Has anyone been taking viibryd and having insane dreams and nightmares?

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LisaAllyson 8 Sep 2013

Yes, my dreams became extremely vivid when I started taking anti-anxiety meds... all of them had/have that effect on me. However the awful nightmares only started with Viibryd. I was scared to go to sleep at times. One time my 9 year old heard me "yelling" in my dream. (I thought I was yelling, he said it was really soft. He heard me because I'd fallen asleep in the couch.) This will sound crazy, but I was once reading a viibryd post and the woman writing described the same nightmare that I had!! A man in a cloak was standing over my bed. Sometimes it seemed like I was awake having the dreams. It was really scary.

The good news is the nightmares stopped. I started taking Viibryd in the morning instead of night. If you take yours in the evening, give it a try and let me know if it helps. I took mine 2 hours earlier every day till I was at 7am.

If I forget a dose, I get an itchy rash. Other than that, zero side effects. No weight gain, no sexual side effects. With the nightmares gone, this is the best anti anxiety I've ever taken. I love it.

Ferociousemily 8 Sep 2013

Ive been having sleep paralysis.. Like people talking to me and foot steps in my house. I feel like im going crazy

LisaAllyson 8 Sep 2013

I know how you feel. You're not alone! Do you take 20 or 40 and at what time?

4N Substances 10 Sep 2013

Hello Emily and others,
I introduced the group to the term Sleep Paralysis a year ago when I began taking Viibryd. I was living at my home in France, far from my Dr and support system, jet lagged, and terrified. Yes, the dreams most of us experienced were similar-dark, cloaked figures, demons, chanting, feeling sure we were being sacrificed, dying etc. Although we felt awake, it was impossible to move, cry out or fully awaken. Really frightening. If I had not done the research to explain it, I would have discontinued the drug as I was terrified to fall asleep! Vivid dreams may now be listed by the manufacturer as a side
effect, but not sleep paralysis! As soon as I realized the cause, I found it was very effective to have a little talk with myself when such a "nightmare" occurred. Why not, I was awake anyway, right? JK

LisaAllyson 10 Sep 2013

The manufacturer must be aware of the similar nightmares we are/were having. I'm curious as to their response or explanation. It was so terrifying for me at the time, however this drug in my opinion is the best one out there. How can a pill cause so many to have the same nightmare? It's hard to wrap my head around the idea, and my dr always looks puzzled when I explain this to him.

RonMan 10 Sep 2013

Yes, sleep disturbances are listed as a side effect for Viibryd. The percentages are low, 4% at 40 mg daily, but if you are in that group, look out! Be sure to take in the mornings. This seems to help, a lot!

For me I don't get nightmares, just hyper-realistic dream that are so VIVID that they disturb my sleep cycle; that is I wake up after each dream. I therefore, get no, or very little sleep, because I have a hard time getting back to sleep. After discussions with my doctor, which I suggest for anyone having sleep disturbances of any kind, I was put on a sleep aid. We tried two others before settling on Ambien 10 mg (recommended dosage for women is 5 mg). I assume I am addicted as I take it every night, but it causes me no problems and I get enough sleep to be rested. I do have an hour or so before finally waking where I may have a dream, but that is more than manageable as I am due to wake at that time.

Dutch SC 19 Jan 2015

I've had the same experiences on both Zoloft (mild) and Viibryd (severe). I'm off the meds now and doing better, but curious about one thing: How is it that the "figures" attacking us in the night share similar characteristics (shadowy, demonic cloaked figures)? I understand the principle of the collective unconscious, mythical archetypes, and symbolism--but that a medication would elicit the same demons from different people is a rather bizarre.

miriamduc 14 Feb 2017

This medication.causes nightmares at 50mg. At the lower doses I did not experience experience this.
Seroquel caused the same thing at 400mg.
I'm not sure I get that much out of this drug to continue it for anxiety free discount card

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