I believe I had a stroke last Sept. MRI shows a mark on the brain. I've been out for the count since then, in many ways life as I knew it had come to an end. Something radical happened and I'm still getting after effects. 5 doctors have given different diagnoses ranging from TIA to TIA/stroke to migraine.
What's happened since Sept is 12 or 13 funny turns, varying degrees of intensity and disablement, all lasting between 2 and 4 hours but with after effects lasting for several days.
I was referred by the stroke consultant to a neuro, saw him 3 weeks ago and he said these (and the original event last Sept) are acephaletic (sp?), pain free migraines that would disappear of their own accord, no meds necessary. Clopidogrel was ceased as he said, no stroke so anti platelet meds unnecessary.
All my instincts and 8 months post- Sept experience are telling me that his diagnosis is off, especially about the Sept event ... though I'm open minded about these funny turns.
Since I saw him I've had 4 more, they're all very frightening and nothing like the classic migraines with aura pattern I've had from aged 10 - 60 years.
These are similar but in a highly concentrated form, body wide pins and needles, vertigo, brain fog, hallucination, visual and speech impairment, complete drain of energy and physical strength. All pain free.
My GP wants me to go back on clopidogrel and also to try sumatriptan... I'm nervous because of the latter because of the 'still- to- be- proven- or- not stroke' business and the noted contra indication between sumatriptan and stroke.
And would it even benefit the whatever process is happening in the brain to alleviate symptoms if taking it for a pain free migraine?
Just hoping anyone can add anything, clarify, confirm any of what I've written as being 'in common', all ideas, opinions, advice most welcome as I really don't know where to turn. Thanks.