Is anyone taking Pradax had their Dr's to take them off Pradaxa since the report of increased heart attacks came out on Fox News a month or two ago?? Said it increases heart attacks by 33 %, Hated to hear that, as I have been on Pradaxa for about 8 mos. and it's been wonderful, except for gas/diarreah. Love to be able to eat what I want again, but sure don't want to have a heart attack. I have A-Fib. Had an ablation almost 4 yrs. ago, no A-Fib since the ablation, but have never been taken off blood thinners like they said I would either. I do still get irreg. heart beats, so maybe better that I stay on a thinner. Hope the drug co. gets the problem straighten out re: increase of heart attacks, but also hope they are honest with us. Good Luck my friends.