i was diagnosed with bipolar 2 and ptsd at i think 16 and started with abilify and zoloft in 6 months i went for 118lbs size 5 pants o 168lbs size 15 pants and when i realized i went in a horrible horrible depression so was put on seroquel for about 2 months my bf said he would wake up at night to me sitting in the corner of the room talking to the wall and some other creepy stuff all i remember is going to sleep and waking up and going to the dr but i still dont remember those 2 months :( so i was put on lamictal and wellbutrion but stopped working so my dr took me off of wellbutrion and put me on saphris i haven't taken it yet but has anyone taking these two meds together and had weight gain or loss? im terrified to gain weight i finally down to 155lbs and size 10/11 pants