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Anyone taking Geodon for manic?

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HeadStarter 1 Oct 2013

Hi coley and welcome to DC. I saw your question regarding Geodon and wanted to respond. Though the reason I was on it was different, I can say that it was a great medication.

Do you have a concern or question regarding its effectiveness??? It is easy to add comments to your initial question. Just "edit" to add information.

My brother has been taking Geodon for about 6 years now and has worked wonders for him. It totally mellows him out but the downside is, once he stops taking it on his own (which he has, twice) its really bad and he starts going looney toons. I'm bipolar too I recently just found out but am 4 months preggers so obviously can't start the medication til the baby is born. But its a great medicine, best of luck to you

Bearcat315 12 Oct 2013

I have bipolar 1 and my last bout of mania lasted 3 months and was very extreme. I was on a homicidal rampage and delusional very paranoid. I went back on lithium and I'm stable as can be no added meds for bp1 just a therapeutic dosage of lithium. It works wonders. Also I exercise eat and sleep regularly. free discount card

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