I was taking 10 mg Celexa & 1 mg Clonazepam. I am lacking energy and motivation so I added WB 150 SR to the mix. I was Rxed the WB & Clonazepam by my Pdoc but stopped taking it because every day I felt worse. I know that I should of probably given it more time. So I got Celexa instead from my Pdoc. It's very hard to get in touch w/my doc so I decided to add on my own the WB 150 SR that I still had. I did the Drug Interaction on this site & it came back that there is a major interaction between Celexa & WB. However, it also says that there is a major action between Lex or Zoloft w/WB. I see that a lot of people combine WB & a SSRI. I have no Psych doc due to lousy insurance. Any advice about this cocktail? I am going to call my pharmacist. Yes, I know I should be under a doc's care, but I also know that it's trial & error. Thanks.