I am new to this site, as well as trying to get my newly diagnosed MDD under control. Have been on Eff XL for years. Tried Risperidone for 1 week. Felt better in the first 3 days than I had in 6 or 7 years. But, all I wanted to do was eat and gained almost 5 lbs in one week. He switched me to Abilify 1 mg. 2 days in, I feel no change at all. Does the Abilify take time to produce results? I am back to feeling drained, no concentration, overwhelmed at times, high anxiety and no patience - just want to sleep all day :( About to decide weight gain worth the feeling Risperidone brought back. Any help or guidance is appreciated. (have appt to see doc again in 2 weeks, but dont know if i will make it without having without having to schedule closer appt. Think i need more than 1 mg)