Hi, I have been on trinessa birth control for a few years now and I absolutely love it. Never had a problem with it. In January, on the 19th I was supposed to be on my "week 4" of my pills aka my period. Instead I accidentally started my new pack, so I skipped my period week. That following week I started spotting, so ever since january 26th I ve been spotting every single day, all day. It s not just like one tiny drop either, it s enough to have to constantly wear pantiliners and constantly have to change them. I have been taking my pack like normal, last Thursday I was on my period week of my current pack and this time I took my sugar pills as normal and my period never came, I ve just continued to spot. Yesterday I thought I finally got my period because I woke up and went to the bathroom and there was a lot of blood (TMI I know, sorry) and I bled a lot throughout the day but then today I ve just been spotting again. I want to know when my body will regulate again? If this is normal? I know you aren t supposed to skip your period on triphasic birth control pills, I know it doesn t work, obviously this wasn t planned. And no I haven t been having sex since any of this has happened, I ve been too paranoid. The last time I had sex was a week or so before I made the mistake of skipping my sugar pill week. Any advice or insight would be so helpful!