I have been taking Nuvigil, currently its newly available generic armodafinil, for almost a year. I am prescribed 250mg a day but most of the time I only take half a pill and usually take one day a week off or more to limit tolerance. I have recently been getting sore muscles and joints (knees, feet, hands, back, etc.), especially when I wake up in the morning, it usually goes away a few hours later after activity. This is the only side effect I have experienced and am not positive it is a direct result of the medication but all signs lead to it. I am only asking now because the joint pain seems to be getting worse. I do plan to stop for a week soon to see if the pain persists or ceases.

My prescribing doctor has just resigned for a better job somewhere else and I will get a new doctor soon. In the meanwhile, I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar muscle and joint pain.

Thank you