... the extra pounds? I have bipolar and abilify has helped my condition the most with the least side effects (aside from the terribly large amount of weight gain). My doctor won't take me off of it unless we replace it with another medicine (I have already tried several), but she is open to adding meds. I just started Garcinia Cambogia and after 2 days I feel like it really might work. I was severely constipated and this helped me go to the bathroom. I'm looking for any advice or suggestions from people with similar experiences. I was recently taking 5 mg of Abilify‚Äč along with 80 mg of Vyvanse and 200 mg of Topamax. We stopped the Topamax because I was gaining weight instead of losing from it, and raised the Abilify to 10 mg. I'm now afraid I will gain even more weight unless I can find something to replace the Topamax.