I am 29 yrs ol and was recently diag with Avascular Nicrosis of the hip. I am working with my OB and Othopedic Dr- & together they are suggesting taking Fosmax-(6months worth) but my concern if wanting to start a family in the next couple years. There is little to no information about potential residual side effects Fosamax my leave (how long it stays in ones system, etc)- and the potential effects it could have on an unborn child. I feel if I dont do anything- it will just get worse- and worry about being pregnant and in alot of pain or worse- have my hip break, etc. But I also worry taking the medicine is putting a fetus at risk. Maybe I am worrying to much- but wanted to reach out and ask: HAS ANYONE EVER TAKE FOSAMAX- AND STARTED A FAMILY AFTER? I keep hearing- we usually dont give it to people ur age, etc... so the infos not out there. Would appreciate any advice! Thanks for taking the time to read this