i´m from peru (28 years) and i have sjogren and scleroderma, and BMS but my bms is really hard, very strong and expanded to the lips and even the cheeks, some parts of the face and all around the mouth.
Over a year ago I stop talking completely due to pain, i have to eat very soft food and the pain is permanent, since I wake up until I fall asleep, it's really a nightmare, i cant work, i don´t go out of my house, i feel hopeless and not even sure if is BMS and a mix of all my diseases... can someone help me? does anyone else have symptoms or pain like these till the point of stop talking at all?
I'm traveling to philadelphia in a month because there is a specialized clinic in scleroderma and also my husband who is a doctor have been reading and researching of a laser therapy, someone heard of this?

Sorry if my english is a little rough.

Hope to heard something or someone

thanks for reading