I have been on Paxil for 6 months and lost my insurance. So I was without Paxil for 4 days. Doctor sent me in a script and i started back up because I was having mental breakdowns. Within that time i have been having severe chest pains during sex, crying out burst s, feel nauseated and weak. So last night the strangest thing happen. I was calm watching Netflix and all of a sudden my ears felt like popping. Like they where underwater. It was painful and pressure like in the ears. Then it went to the back of my throat and tongue. It was painful and had a shocking/tingly sensation. I couldn't breath and was hard to swallow. This scared me so bad, i went to er. They discharge me and now I'm in fear it will happen again and i might faint or die. I dont know if its Paxil, my heart, my lungs. I dont know but I am so scared.