I have been on trazodone for about a year or more but am currently weaning off. My previous doctor prescribed it to help with my insomnia. It didn't. I started on 50 mg and was eventually taking 200 mg. Even at 200 mg., my insomnia persisted. The trazodone, however, especially at the 200mg. dose caused nausea. My current physician has me weaning off the trazodone completely but weaning has also caused nausea. I'm currently down to taking 25mg per day for two weeks and will start weaning even more after the two week period is over. A mild prescription for nausea hasn't helped much. I would love to hear from anyone who is going through any thing similar. And would particularly love to hear from anyone who has any suggestions and/or from anyone who is or was going through this and how long it took before feeling completely better. I think this is going to be a much longer haul than I would have originally thought.