I was originally on 15mg mirt mainly for sleep problems and a little depression,saw my physcologist who put me on 45mg( turns out he thought I was on 30mg at the time) anyway after being on 45mg for 4 weeks I began to sufferwith anxiety and was continuously told to take that dose for a further 6 weeks until finally I had enough and told them I felt dreadful,so was told to reduce to 30mg for a while this did little for anxiety but did help with the vivid dreams,also on diazepam between 2 to 10mg throughout all this I might add ,10mg then gradually reducing back down to 2mg( did that 2 or 3 times as per instructed by my gp that when things got bad I could take 10mg but each time would have to reduce back down as possibility could become dependant,anyway until my physch doc sends my gp a letter about what to do with my doses I currently am on 22.5mg mirt along with 8mg diazapam but have been on that dose of diazapem for a while so it is now having little benefit,what I want to know is if anyone else on mirt has been on diazepam also and when they've reduced diazepam bk down to a low maintanence dose (2mg per day) if there anxiety has been worse making them feel housebound and what else has other people tried other than diazepam,current physch doc wants me to get down to 15mg mirt I believe has been the offending medicine all along,taper bk down to 2mg diazepam a day then go on promethazine for anxiety that I hadnt suffered for a while b4 i was put on mirt,I am at my wits end with it all and would appreciate any advice please.