I just turned 50 in July and have had osteoporosis for a few years. I suffered from premature ovary failure due to a genetic condition called fragile x syndrome. My last bone scan showed severe depletion of bone. My dr discussed fosmax so I tried it for 3 months. I started suffering from left jaw pain. My dr took me off it. We then discussed prolia. I did my research and I knew the risks of getting the shot. I thought long and hard and made my decision to go ahead and get it. Well, here we are 4 months later and I can barely get out of bed due to the incredible amount of pain in my upper abdomen. When researching prolia I saw nothing in regards to stomach pain. I have been to multiple doctors and no one can find a problem. I had a endoscopy last week and the gi specialist saw nothing. He took biopsies and I should get the results this next week. I have had no other side effects. I'm not even sure that it is from the prolia but I am hoping that if anyone else has had this problem you will reach out. I have been suffering for 4 months and don't know how much more i can handle. I currently take Percocet daily for back issues and it does nothing for my stomach. Absolutely nothing helps I get no relief. If someone else suffers from pain in upper abdomen please let me know does it ever go away? Please if you are considering getting the prolia injection don't get it. The side effects are not worth it. I only had one injection and will never get another. Thank you.