Hello everyone,

This is my first time ever writing about my condition in any type of social forum but i guess its the next generation of portal support. So here i go..
Im a 33 year old woman who got diagnosed with Pure O Ocd at 19 years old. I was on 100 mg of fluvoxamine for years but as of recently over the past few years noticed a spike in my symptoms. That, or Im at the point where Im challenging the thoughts as an adult hense the relapse.
After years of being stubborn and refusing to increase my meds, I finally got to the point last week of increasing to a 200mg therapeutic dose since the doctor mentioned o.c.d is treated on higher doses.

My intrusive thoughts consists of people from my past popping up in my head and I will do rituals to neutralize it. This can be an all day ritualistic ordeal. ..
or breathing in a good thought and if a bad thought came through, inhaling again until I get it right,which disrupts my breathing causing more anxiety. Its very hard on me and I just dont want to to this anymore...
If anyone has some pure O stories to share and if luvox or fluvoxamine took time to work and you found it affective..please share..
Im feeling mentally exhausted.