Before they break out my scalp feels so sore like I have had it in a tight pony tail for days or something.. then in a couple of days I get these few huge hard red bumbs and then bam they these spread all over my scalp are red and look like zits with a blister like head on them but no pus come out just liquid and they ooze and are so itchy I'm going crazy.
I have seen 4 doctors one gives me a lotion to put on my scalp a couple of times a week. the last one I seen gave me some oral meds but they made me sick to my stomach. I can't get in to see the dermatolgist till end of Novemeber.
Tomorrow I see the doctor again is there any tests that anyone suggests I tell her to do? This all started after I had a baby in July. I am so frustrated and upset I'm ready to cut all my hair off.
I have read about stap infection, hair follicitius, all diffrent things but why won't the meds help if that's what it is???