Every month for the past 7-8 years(maybe longer) I Breakout with severe cold sores,not just on my lips but all over my face,neck,,and tops of my shoulders which are really painful and distressing for me they have left my skin with white scars. I am on aciclivoir tablets to try and rid this . I have tried other meds and creams which was a waste of time. My mouth is so sore I can hardly eat..even cleaning my teeth is a painful nightmare the toothpaste Burns my mouth so much I can only clean my teeth for seconds (even sensodyne toothpaste sets my mouth on fire).I thought I had enough pain to fight with having fibromyalgia, is this just another symptom to go with having Fibro (yes I got every other symptom like ibs, cfs.sensitivity to light, sound smell,the list is endless not to mention always being freezing cold but sweating profusely )has anybody else had this mouth trou ble or is it just me... I'd love some answers to solving this problem as it is driving me crazy thanks x