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Does anyone suffer from abdominal pain?

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ChelleKay 1 Apr 2017

Oh Hon, abdominal pain is a big part of my life. I have been sick all of my adult life, getting worse every year. I became totally disabled at age 38 and down hill from there. No chance I will recover as there is just too much wrong now. I have advanced Crohns Disease with "short bowel syndrome" due to the bowel resections I have had to have. How long has your pain been going on? Does it keep you from normal activities? A trip to a GI doc may be in order. Don't suffer too long, get checked out. Best wishes, Chelle

The way you worded your question implies only a yes or no answer in which case that would be a definite yes. But if you are needing more information your question needs more info such as where the pain is located.( i.e. upper or lower abdomen and/or right side or left side.) Also what type of pain.( i.e. sharp, stabbing, cramping, burning, twisting)
With more information about what you are asking like what the pain could be you would need that info.

chuck1957 1 Apr 2017

Ketrail' Yes I agree the question is more like who does not have tummy pains and it can be from so many things. Have you seen any doctors at this point? Are you also suffering from loose stools? is it real pain or like butterflies in the stomach. Do antacids help? Really if we had more info we could try and give you some ideas. But if this has been going on for a while you really should get into your physician and get some of these things taken care of. ASAP there are so many things that start out giving us signs in the stomach. or make us think it's in the stomach and it could be something else. Trust me I am not trying to scare you in any way. But if you have not been to a doctor in a while this would be a great chance to get in and have a check up. Because you do have something going on. I wish you the best it is very possible it is nothing but a nervous stomach. ENJOY your evening and if we can help you with something please feel free to let us know. Chuck1957

KETRAIL1953 2 Apr 2017

I been diagnosed with HepC and i be feeling sick in my stomach alot

KETRAIL1953 2 Apr 2017

I been diagnosed with HepC and i be feeling sick in my stomach alot

Ketrail 1953 you need to see your primary care dr and see about getting into a gastroenterologist. It might be nothing to worry about or it might be the beginning of something that if let go could become serious. (i.e. gastritis that could become bleeding ulcers) free discount card

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