i am brand new here but, sadly, not to trigeminal neuralgia. i've had intermittent bouts w/ TN2 since i was about seven years old. i am grateful that, as of this moment, i have only minor, sporadic experience w/ the [even worse] symptoms of TN1 &, that even my TN2 has gone dormant in the past for months & even, sometimes, years.

last week i was prescribed gabapentin for the first time in a long awhile; i not only was not afraid of it—it had always been very effective—i actually asked for it by name [for the same reason]. wretchedly & entirely unexpectedly, not long after taking the first very small dose [100mgs], some ingredient in the gabapentin caplet mix jumped on my trigeminal nerve, hard & wearing virtual boots of steel, & did not let go for days. in fact, it's now been nine days & i am still getting waves of pain, although infrequently & somewhat more like TN1 than my regular TN2. a couple of days ago i did try one last caplet one last time in order to solidify my certainty that the pain was, indeed, caused by the gabapentin & i now have all but no doubt.

present thinking in this corner is that i may have had a reaction to taking generic gabapentin instead of name brand neurontin. is this something anyone has experienced? an incredible, antithetical, exhaustingly painful paradoxical reaction to the generic? or is it possible that having not taken any version of neurontin or similar for several years i've become not only unaided by it, but painfully averse?

if either of these occurrences seem familiar—or if you have a better understanding than mine—i would be grateful if you might let me know. i was astounded by what happened, & clueless as to why. i'm going to return to researching, but i am curious if this is a known reaction. so far i havent found it; that may just mean i need to dig further.

i thank you in advance for any help you might give me, & hope yr day is going at least halfway decently, & is more than decently pain-free.

sign me,
weary TNer, kafkette