I am curious to know if anyone else has an issue with oversleeping, difficulty waking, excessive dreaming and whether they've tried Prazosin for this, or anything else that has worked.

I am being successfully treated for a bipolar type II mood disorder with Lamotragine and Seroquel in that my mood has been stabilised and I no longer have depression and anxiety that used to ruin every day.

My secondary problem is to do with sleep quality, I have always overslept and found it difficult to wake in the morning. A recent sleep study revealed that I spend too much time in REM sleep (dreaming). I don't have nightmares or insomnia or PTSD. It just feels as though I am dreaming all through the night and I wake feeling exhausted, as though my brain has been "on" all night and is not refreshed.

The psych has just prescribed Prazosin with the intention of reducing my REM sleep and the dreams in the hope it will enable me to have a restful sleep and wake refreshed.

If anyone can provide some insight, I would be very grateful.