Hey all! I took Zoloft back in 6th grade and I remember being funny, well-liked, and adventurous! I even tried out for the lead role in our musical (couldn't imagine walking on stage now). Anyways, sometime after that, I discontinued the Zoloft, and over time I became afraid, unmotivated, scared, and have much difficulty talking to people *cough* *girls* *cough* but also classmates and strangers. I decided to see my Dr. and was put on 100 mg Zoloft for 2 months with the only outcome being sleepy and lethargic, I didn't worry as much but I still had issues interacting with others and showing my emotions. We recently added 150g Welbutrin XL to help with energy, and it does seem to help some. I just want to connect to others with ease, genuinely laugh again, and not be that weird guy in the corner :( Has anyone successfully found their social anxiety miracle yet? I just need some hope I guess!