Has anyone other than me seen the study done in Austriala by Allergan for PHN?It worked on 10 out of 10 patients, that it was tested on the torso and below the shoulders using Allergan's Botox and it help every patient. I have had PHN for two and half years on the right top side of my head, forehead and right eye.
I answered someone in length about this, but I took it upon my self to find a doctor that would try it on me and I have now been going in for shots ever since to stop the pain on my forehead and head, nothing can be done about the eye. but it feels amazing not to be on the high doses of Dilaudid or the Fentanyl Patch any longer and free of opium's.

If you want to know more, I am happy to share my story, just response and I will give you the long version, I can say it may have saved my life in the long run.