I've never heard of "Sleep Eating" before until recently when I did some research. It explained a lot of the symptoms I've been experiencing lately. Ever since I started taking Fluoxetine (Been on it for 1mth now) I have insomnia. What happens is the first wake up (usually 1am) I wake up thinking about food. I go right to my kitchen, grab something to eat (not anything that's nutritionally sound either... lol), take it back to my couch, and pretty much eat with my eyes closed. A couple of times I actually fell right asleep on the couch as soon as I was done eating, sitting up. Also, I'm not even hungry when I do this but I cant seem to go back to sleep unless I do. Then I get up and go back to sleep until my next wake up (usually another1-2 hrs). Sometimes I munch again but usually not.

I do want to put it out there that I use to do this exact thing about 10yrs ago and I wasn't on any medication. So that's why I'm wondering if its the Prozac or just me?? This medicine has done wonders for me already but this insomnia and eating thing isn't fun.

I would appreciate any feedback I can get.Thank you so much!