This is to anyone who is well enough to answer this question themselves. I thought it would be helpful to talk with others who have gone through this. Few other people can really understand the challenges. I had my stroke over 4 years ago. My biggest problem is that I still suffer from disabling migraines caused by the stroke. Also I still have weakness and pain on my right side. The leg pain wakes me up frequently during the night. I have little appetite and HATE to eat except sugary things, and even then. I also have swallowing problems. I've have problems with my voice at times which is also from my stroke. My difficulty with speech (coming up with words) has been gradually improving through the years and is now mostly alright. Plus I got kidney failure from the CT scans. Also I've had more medical problems since the stroke which I wonder if they could be related to the stroke.

I would really like to hear from others. It would help me a lot. If you've had an amazing recovery, that would be good to hear also. Thanks in advance.