I started this med at the 0.6mg dose, then after about 6 days, I increased to 1.2mg. It was working wonders on my huge appetite and on my high blood sugars. My appetite was almost gone and I'd go days without seeing blood sugars >300. Then, I had to stop it so the insurance could make me try (and fail) metformin for a couple of weeks (which I knew was going to happen). Now I'm back on the Victoza and slowly working my way up to 1.8mg (the max dose) because the Victoza is definitely not working like it was! I do not want to be on the max dose per day when I know the 1.2mg dose was working like magic! But the biggest thing is, I just want it to work again like it was, even if I have to go up to 1.8mg.

Has anyone else had to stop and restart Victoza, and experienced any problems like this?

(I should add that, since I'm type 1, the Victoza was given to me as a sample on a trial basis to see if it would even do me any good. When it worked so well, that's when I stopped and later restarted it. I had to give the metformin adequate time to fail for insurance purposes. I would've stayed on it if I could've!)