... old Mom and last night she was so wiped out and "vacant" that I'm seriously considering asking the Doc to stop the med. We are into the 9th week of the 24-week course, and she's become weaker and more confused than before starting the Harvoni. Cirrhosis (after 1975 blood transfusion at the hospital), Ascites (taking Diuretic for that), also Synthroid (RA-treated Thyroid gland), low Hemoglobin (Anemia). If she was physically better before the Harvoni, I wonder is it worth it that she goes through such "zombie"-states - and I don't know are these side-effects temporary, and is there "turning a corner" to feeling better in sight. Getting the Doctor's attention is not so easy, next appointment is in 10 days, but she is really not herself - so weak. Don't know how we are going to do the third blood tests due any day now (first was before Harvoni, second - showed some better values of GGT).
Sorry - I have no experience with blogs, but I'm looking for access to some kind of Support Group of people who have been through the experience of taking Harvoni and willing to share insights. Thank you