... medication (Adderal) which significantly improved symptoms, and allowed me to live a bit more normally. I also suffer from general and social anxiety but for years I've just "toughed it out" and done my best to hide my attacks when around others. Last time I tried medication, I was on Paxil and it not only didn't change anything after a few months, the sexual side effects were too frustrating. My new doctor has convinced me to try Citalopram and I've been on it for a month now. I'm having the same sexual side effect issue as with the Paxil, but other than that the only thing I'm fairly certain about as a side effect is that it seems to be reducing the effectiveness of the Adderal. I'm having trouble concentrating, starting anything, finishing anything, etc. again. Some days I feel like I struggle even more than before either medication to convince myself to get anything done. I also seem to be tired a lot more.

So far I don't feel a reduction in anxiety though I was warned I might not for a while. I did have a panic attack during the day for no reason, which I normally only have while I'm asleep or in a social situation, and I couldn't ease myself through it like I could other times (if I'm awake).

Also the last week I've had a scratchy throat, sneezing, and a runny nose, but I don't really feel sick. Is it remotely possible the Citalopram is causing that as well?