Hello, I started taking 10mg of fluoxetine in January 2018 for anxiety. I had a very rough time starting the medication, I had several side effects pop up and I felt much worse before I felt better for several weeks, even months. Finally after about 2-3 months on fluoxetine I started feeling much better on just 10mg. Than suddenly after about 6-7 months I suddenly developed horrible fatigue. I talked to my doctor about my fatigue and he tested me for everything he could think of including thyroid, nutrient deficiencies, diabetes etc. I also eat a very balanced diet, sleep great, and exercise 5x a week. Everything came back normal. He suggested going off of the fluoxetine to see if that helped my fatigue.

I have now been off of fluoxetine for about 2 weeks and I have not yet noticed any improvement in my fatigue and am starting to get discouraged. I was curious if anyone else has had new side effects arise after several months taking fluoxetine, and if so how long did it take for these to go away after adjusting medication?

Thank you!