I would take the pill as follows and after awhile I started having suicidal thoughts I wasn't active I just locked myself in my room. I was very nauseous and I didn't want to eat. I was depressed my back would always hurt. And after 3 months I started noticing these red dots on my body and then a few days later more showed up and I stopped taking the pill and I still have this red rash I suppose? I don't know? I'm thinking it might be hives or welts but they look weird. When I scratch them they become white and they come in all shapes and sizes it's freaking me out. Now that I think about it when I first started the pill my arm broke out into hives and I thought I was allergic to some plant cause I was at a BBQ but it was this freaking pill! Lol this pill gots me thinking I have hiv cause of the rash and I know I don't have it cause Im not promiscuous but it's still safe to find out. I've only had 6 partners and I've known them very well and I've always asked if they had any std's before entering a relationship. But I'm still going to get checked. Hopefully it's an easy fix and nothing serious.