Not on any meds at the moment so it's not a side effect. When I'm anxious I'll admit that I do prefer to stand. So maybe this is making my legs sore? Occasionally my hands feel tight too. Occasionally I get a spasm in an odd place like the shoulder. Seem like my foot toes get a build up of pressure or fluid too. If I just stretch/curl the toes up/towards the bottom of my feet tightly then they pop really easily with little effort.

I'm growing concerned about it! I have not had severe anxiety in like five years so just maybe at this age or time it's different. So one it's odd to me that I'm having it. Another thing my mom has Multiple Sclerosis so that yes although unlikely that is a rare possibility. If it was MS then I'd prob have other symptoms! I've let my checking the symptom checker get to me! I had my electrolytes checked last Thursday and they were fine. So it is not a potassium or salt electrolyte imbalance. Unless it changed since then!

I'll also say that I was a moderately heavy drinker and occasional/not every day smoker and I quit both on 11/21/2013. So perhaps that could contribute to it as well. The soreness is pretty mild. I'm only concerned because I never experienced it in the past with my anxiety. My urination was a little frequent too. So maybe my muscles are just tensed up. The urination is more manageable since I reduced my water intake. I was drinking far too much water. The soreness is mostly in my calves and thigh areas. I exercise 2 or 3 times a week. For 30-45 minutes so my legs should not be sore from just waking or anything. I have not done anything strenuous. When I lie down the soreness is super mild. When I stand or walk it more noticeable.

Thanks guys for providing input. I'm sure I'll get some great answers so thanks in advance! I hope everyone is feeling well and had a nice weekend too.

I think or hope I'll feel better if and when I can explain or understand this soreness!!