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Has anyone tried soma for interstitial cystitis?

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eilostnyc 20 Sep 2014

I haven't. Is that a muscle relaxer? Did you try it and did it help? I would like to know so I can ask my doctor about prescribing it. Thank you

bladder disgust 20 Sep 2014

I have not tried this drug soma. I did try TIzanidine

bladder disgust 20 Sep 2014

Yes this is a muscle relaxer.

cleo130 24 Sep 2014

I have had IC for about 15 years. I tried Elmiron twice and finally gave up, as it did nothing for me. I've taken all the recommended drugs with little result. Soma was a Godsend for me, as I have Degenerative disc disease. fibro, IBS, etc., and I was able to take two 350mg at night and SLEEP! Now my pain doc won't prescribe it and I'm taking Baclofen. It helps a little, but Ativan (Lorazepam) helps me the most. When I'm flaring I put 2mg of it under my tongue and it quiets my bladder a little. I also found Gabapentin to be a major player in the cocktail, and since I started that about 1 1/2 years ago my bladder and the spasms have quieted considerably. I was in a very bad way, but with these meds plus MS Contin I'm able to work. Just something to think about.

Best of luck to you

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eilostnyc 24 Sep 2014

Why won't they give you Soma? What is baclofen and MS Contin? Did you ever take Uribel. I take it but it doesn't do much. I get heparin and solukortef instills every 2 weeks but lately they are ineffective. Only thing that helps lately is
Vicodin and doc doesn't want to keep giving it to me. It's hard to live like this. I'm going to see a new UroGYN in October and I am hoping she will help me. My current UroGYN left her practice to go to Africa. I was doing so nicely and all the stress of looking for a new doc is awful and makes the bladder react. free discount card

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