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Has anyone ever tried a sleep disorder study for insomina?

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balbanese 29 Jul 2012

Yes, I did. And?

Inactive 29 Jul 2012

Hello Melmc. Welcome to the site. I am a insomniac but have never gone through a sleep study. It is the weekend, traffic is generally slow when it comes to responses to questions, so don't be discouraged, there are members here who might relate to your question. Best of wishes to you, pledge

Inactive 29 Jul 2012

I've personally have not, yet I have a relative that did, and recently. He did this through a University Hospital and it was an "at home" sleep study. He did not have to go sleep in a lab at the hospital as is usually the situation.
You may want to contact Univeristy Hospitals in your area to see if they do at home studies, because it's just more comfortable to be home than in some sterile lab bed.
Best wishes to you

bumblebee90 29 Jul 2012

Hello MelMc,
I have terrible insomnia, and used to have extreme fatigue all day. My Dr. prescribed me Nuvigil for sleepiness to help me stay awake during the day. My insurance wouldn't pay for it unless I had certain condition's. Well, I wanted to have one done anyway, so I did. I'm assuming you're wanting to know what it was like, by your question. I did go to a sleep study center. But it was very comfortable believe it or not. They had a room in the back with a queen size bed, that I wanted to take home. It was a special bed for people with back problem's like myself, and oh it was comfy. It looked like a bedroom. Not everyone may have this experience, but where I went I did. I will be honest with you. They put cords and wires all over my body. Even a couple of places on my head, right on my scalp. So if you had to get up and go to the bathroom... you had to carry all these cords and wires with you. That was the most frusturating part to me.

briards 2 Aug 2012

i had a sleep study done at a hospital. except for the special bed she had (color me green!) my experience was exactly the same as ruthie's. i was afraid of not being to sleep at all... away from home... different bed... no sleeping meds. but i actually was able to go to sleep and stay asleep. no sleep apnea, so it was back to meds for me. any specific questions that ruthie or i might be able to help you with, just ask away. free discount card

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