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Can anyone tell me the sings of c. O. P. D?

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Anonymous 14 Jun 2012

Hello suzes. I have COPD. Shortness of breath, heart palputations, difficulty breathing are some signs. The feel that your chest is going to implode. Best of wishes, pledge

Anonymous 14 Jun 2012

Great answer Pledge. There is a web site to read about COPD. It is This should give you the info you are looking for too... Mary

Anonymous 15 Jun 2012

Thanks Mary. I'll check out the reference. Have a good one friend :-0)

endlessPred 14 Jun 2012

These symptoms are also for other lung diseases. If you are taking a breath every few words or breathing too hard walking a short distance you need to see a doctor right away. This is a serious condition and best not to ignore. free discount card

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