I am 21 and have been suffering from 2 herniated discs for almost a year. What started out feeling like a back ache has now grown into a nearly unbearable amount of pain. I have had 3 epidural injections, tried many medications, and physical therapy that I was discontinued from due to worsening symptoms.
I always walk with a limp, have to pull myself out of bed to regain strength in my left leg, and sometimes I can not even walk. Everyday I experience numbness, tingling, and stabbing pain. I am now beginning to have a head twitch when the pain is at it's worst. The pain radiates from my lower back all the way down my left leg to my toes. The herniation has not caused many issues in my right leg at this point so I am thankful for that.
I can not sleep because when I do my body gets to stiff and I am woken up regularly from the excruciating pain.
Most recently I was given Gabapentin. I just started using it so I don't know how effective it is yet.
I am reaching my breaking point. I feel like there is no end in sight and this has taken a toll mentally as well as physically. No one I know understands what this is like and I have no one to turn to for support.
So basically my question is... Are there any recovery stories or support/ advice that anyone can give me? I just need something to keep me going and give me hope. This post is all over the place but please someone help me.