I've been taking 120 pain meds a month, prescribed by the same doctor for over five years, for a rare medical condition. I moved and after finding a new doctor, having her office see records proving I take them for an extreme condition, and having my previous doctor also explain to her I needed these exact meds, she claimed it was the law, she couldn't give me anymore than 30 a month. Now I found out from a couple different pharmacies that it wasn't the new Michigan Law, it was her. (Yes there's a new law on narcotics, but not what she was claiming) For the last two months, I've been doing my best to get by with what I had, but recently I injured my nerve/hip (sciatic or herniated disc) and had to take two a day most days due to not being able to even walk or sit down. My doctor office is closed for the next three days and I'm needing to go see Med express or the ER. Now due to having to take one more a day, I am now out sooner than my refill date. If I explain this to them, or even my doctor, is there going to be an issue? Am I not going to be able to get help? And would she drop me as a patient? (I'm going to find a new one at this point, but still) I don't want to be redflagged because this is an emergency and I've never ran out early, or gone to the ER for pain meds.