I was diagnosed with hep c in August of 2014. I am genotype 2 and my viral load is 3 million. I started the 12week course of sovaldi and rivavirin on Feb 26th 2015. I am going to continue taking my meds no matter what. Yesterday I went to the Dr due to what I considered possible side effects. I have some minor ones. "Itchy skin, headache, dizziness, fatigue, and small ribarash" however I tried to discuss the major issues I feel "muscle tenderness, joint pain, pain in my bones, shortness of breath, pain in my kidneys" and the doctor just dismissed my concerns saying he hasn't heard of anyone having these. My body is sore and I just feel really alone. Not to mention I feel as though the Dr didn't care or didn't believe my symptoms. I would like a second opinion but there is no where else I can go. Any advice?