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Has anyone had some side effects such as night time leg cramps while taking Norco 10-325?

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MacIntosh12 8 Jul 2013

Hi Temeculaboy,
May I ask why you are taking Norco, that may determine the reason for your leg cramps.
I have leg cramps all day long, but I've Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy, so that explains it. Are you taking lots of it then taking none at times? Withdrawal from Norco can cause hellacious leg cramps, could that be the reason?

Just a wee bit more info would help us to answer your query, like why are you taking it, are you taking it religiously or sometimes?
Thank you,

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Temeculaboy1213 20 Aug 2013

I have been taking Norco for about 3 years now the same dose 10 /325 two dimes a day also take Tramadol for pain. I take Tramadol in the Am about 8:00Am and than take Norco in the Afternoon about 12:00 Noon and again with Tramadol about 4 Pm and followup with norco at around 8:00Pm in the evening just before I go to bed. I take this for Fibromyalgia and stomach pain due to a internal Hernia. I had half of my stomach removed along with half my Pancreas due to a small Tumor that was on the head of the Pancreas. So with these problems that I have I was unable to go with the standard treatment for pain that most Fibromyalgia patients

Temeculaboy1213 8 Jul 2013

No I have been taking the same does of Norco for over 3 years now, and the night time leg cramps have been happening just about every night some times all night long. I do find in the day time that I do get the leg cramps but its not like all the time mayber once a week during day time hours.I have tried to adjust the time I take Norco but that still has not worked.

Nashville Barbie 29 Oct 2013

I think the leg cramp is a bad side effect. I normally don't take meds.. I had a scar revision a few days ago and my doctor prescribed me narco. I hate it!! My legs hurt so bad, It may be leg cramps. Idk. On top of that I feel sick and just feel like a zombie. I'm going tomorrow and changing my script. Loratabs anything but norco. I hate this so bad that I'm in pain rather than have these side effects. These also make me confused.

norcohelp 19 Aug 2013

Hell yes! It hurts so bad. I can't sleep thru the leg pain! Getting off is much worse with the leg pain. I think your body is telling you to slow to a stop from the norcos. Thats what mine was telling me. Now I'm on 2 days without and during the day it hurts much worse at night. Good luck!

MacIntosh12 21 Aug 2013

Yes, norcohelp, withdrawal will cause severe leg cramps. Sometimes if a person has been on the same dose, no increase, for quite a while, we become tolerant to our dose, then we end up in a withdrawal state from lack of an increase. Some people don't have this, but most do.
Having RLS or leg cramping could be from that, or from some other reason. Best to ask your doc if the leg cramps are out of control when NOT in opiate withdrawal.

SandraLHoutz 10 Sep 2013

So does Norco cause leg cramps or not? I'm currently taking it post op total knee replacement after the doc wanted me to come off the Percocet I was taking ... I take 2 mg. Klonopin (clonazepam) and 75 mg. Trazodone for my restless leg syndrome ... this question peaked my interest as I had some leg cramping issues last night that really surprised me since the Klonopin/Trazodone combo has almost resolved all of it ... but this was also the same day as I had therapy and when I came home I was in my hot tub for about 45 minutes ... maybe doing to much in one day caused the leg cramping? I do ice when I sleep ... any thoughts?

George34 11 Sep 2013

Do you have back pain what about a pinched nerve in your back, like I have that's what causes mine!

SandraLHoutz 11 Sep 2013

are you addressing the back pain question to me? if so, then no .. .lol ... free discount card

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