I recently finished the Epclusa treatment and was wondering if there were any long term side effects from the medicine that i wasn't aware of. I had a horrible headache the first couple weeks but I feel fine now, I think. I've had the virus since 1977 and just found out a couple years ago. The doctor told me that besides having the virus I was healthy and said I would be fine if I waited for the pill Epclusa instead of doing the horrible shots. My liver was at like maybe stage 1 cirrhosis and just before they approved me for the medicine they told me I have stage 4 cirrhosis. If I knew that this was going to happen I definitely would have just done the interferon shots! I am not ready to die just yet! What does stage 4 cirrhosis mean. Like do I only have a little time left on this planet or is there a way for my liver to work well enough for me to live many more years? Just wondering. They say the tests are new so they aren't really are of the diagnosis but its stage 3or4. They think a liver biopsy is invasive and not really necessary but I feel that may be the only way to get a better idea and kinda know for sure. I just wonder how my liver went from stage 1 to stage 4 in a couple years. I haven't drank in 15 years. Had the virus for about 40 years and when they did the biopsy a couple years ago it was only a little damaged. So I don't know. If anyome has any information about all this I would be so grateful for your in put . thank you and god bless.