I have been off depo for 5 months now. I had my first period right away (OCT 2014) it lasted 2 weeks. NOV && DEC I had only a couple days of spotting. I was keeping track on an app and JAN 2015 I got my next period when it was expexted to come lasting 2 weeks. FEB it als came on time but this month it was very normal lasting only a week. Now here we are in MARCH and no sign of AF !!! I have been told that once your periods return you are still not considered regular and it could be that my period is just late. But it also could be that I ovulated later than expected and have become pregnant. But because of the late ovulation i wont know until my next expected period. If anyone has had a similar situatuon please comment and tell me about it. Were you pregnant ? Was it just a late cycle ? If it was just a late cycle how often did this occur and when did you become regular?