I started Nucynta Aug 1, 12, I had stopped oxycontin er 40mg a day and a half ago. On Aug 2, I have done nothing but been severly nauseated and will vomit once to 3 times a day, or may not vomit at all one day, just feel really sick. I was taking phenergan but that wasn't helping, finally called DR and he ordered zofran. Zofran has stopped the vomiting so far it's only been 2 days, but still really sick. During all this time I half lost over 22 pounds in less than 1 month because I can't eat. Now my Blood sugars are going haywire and dropping low, I try to eat and I start to dry heave. I see the pain management dr next wed. I just wanted to know if anyone else has had any issues. As for the chronic pain, neuropathy and the other stuff the transition to nucynta has made a difference for me. I had been on the oxycontin for over 6 years and it had gotten to the point it wasn't helping much anymore.