just like so may of you, have been on most meds out there; ssri's, snri's, anti psych's, seizure meds, hormones, thyroid meds, you name it- for depression.

Anyhow, first night taking it, I awoke 12 hours later! (only took 2.5 mgs), had to skip the next night, because I had to be in early to work, and I thought, "no way would I make it", so tonight I will try again.

I was just wondering, even on this small a dose, did this happen to any of you? Feels like a horse tranquilizer at only 1/2 a 5 mg pill, which I know is low.

Anxiety lessened a bit for me-mine is normally through the roof and i can't even leave the house most days--- only to work, nothing else.

Does this extreme tieredness go away, or wear off?

You all make this med sound so hopeful... like "Dorothy", I will click my sparkly red heels together... and wish..

Thanks guys.