I've been on this medication for over 25yrs & as far as I know (based on information from my MD as well as Every pharmacist I've ever asked) there simply are No Other meds in the salicylate group-other than aspirin-even created at this time. Yes, I know that salsalate is in the class of drugs called NSAIDs, however I have many, sever drug allergies & unfortunately one of my most sever allergies is to ALL NSAIDs that aren't simply salicylates(aspirin & salsalate).
I also know salsalate is a very "old" drug that was created & produced so long ago that it was before the time of the current strict regulations, testing, etc. that all drugs now go through to be "FDA approved" drugs. This same circumstance includes other "old" drugs produced many years ago. This has never concerned me or any of my MDs who treat me. I've taken the generic salsalate for it's great anti-inflammatory action & it's somewhat safer qualities than plain aspirin to treat all the inflammation that accompanies my rheumatic disease & in the last few years it has also helped decrease the whole body inflammation associated with metabolic syndrome, as well as helping keep my blood sugar levels down in my type2 diabetes. I've never had Any side effects or problems with the salsalate in All these years,no interactions with my other meds & no problem with it being covered by my Medicare HMO insurance. UNTIL THIS YEAR!
As of Jan 1,2016 my insurance plan has decided not to cover salsalate. I'm still fighting it in the appeals process because there simply isn't any other anti-inflammatory I can take due to all my allergies. I've tried taking simple aspirin, but experience several of the side effects common with long term, high dose use.
So, has Anyone heard Anything about Any movement toward getting salsalate it's FDA APPROVAL status!?