I have read some where how you're supposed to do this, but I don't remember. I used to think it didn't really matter much, but then I read an article that explains how just disposing of them in the regular trash can lead to them getting into our ground water, and that can lead to all kinds of nasty things. Even if we ourselves don't drink unfiltered ground water, we do give it to our livestock to drink, and we then eat the meat from many of those animals. We also use that water to grow crops we then eat. So in many ways the unwanted meds we dispose of can come back and make us sick in more ways than we can even count. Therefore I am convinced that we shouldn't just throw these pills in the regular trash. But how are we supposed to get rid of them? I think there is a place in my town to take unwanted meds, but I can't get there due to lack of transportation. I need something I can do at home. I read a few things but forgot. Anyone know?