It seems that there is a backorder or a forced limited supply by the government (DEA) on Morphine SR and none of the pharmacies are able to get it in any of it's strengths, most assuredly in those needed by pain management patients. I called over 100 pharmacies yesterday and was turned away with the same story, either "we don't get involved in Class II medications" or "we just can't get those medications in right now." In other news, some pharmacies are supplied only a certain number of pills per DEA standards to fulfill patients already within their care and they are unable to take anymore new patients; prescriptions. I found this to be appalling. We have real diseases requiring medication and the government of the United States is penalizing those of us who go to Board Certified pain management doctors and follow a strict regiment of returning to our doctors once a month for a follow up exam in order to receive medication, submit to urinalysis to ensure we are following our doctor's orders and sticking to the prescriptions he has prescribed and not doctor shopping and getting double doses from other offices, and to sign contracts with our doctors regulating our behavior ensuring we are not drinking any alcohol and in come of our cases not driving either. I have no problem capitulating to all of this because I know my doctor is doing his due diligence to ensure all his patients are legitimately ill and in meed of his services and no one there is someone who is giving him or us a bad name. The US Government has no right to go after us, by penalizing those who need the drugs and choking the supply chain. They need to go after the criminals themselves: the street thugs selling the illegal drugs and the unethical doctors that set up pain pill shops that sell perceptions for $200 to $300 dollars a visit, no insurance taken. It can't be so hard to follow the evidence and find a snitch in town to take you right to the bad doctors in every city. Leave us and our medications alone!!!