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Has anyone had relief from taking Lyrica 300mg for peripheral neuropathy?

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pamee 24 Apr 2015

Hello Magbac, I had taken lyrica in the past and it didn't relieve my neuropathy even a little; however, many people has had great success with lyrica as well with gabapentin. If you have any problems with the lyrica you can try gabapentin, also gabapentin is less expensive than lyrica, if your insurance doesn't cover lyrica that's something to consider. I wish you the best

smnslyr 25 Apr 2015

I hate taking lyrica it makes me high but I take one 50mg if I am at work and it helps. I have a 150 I can take at night but I stumble around. What REALLY has helped is ACCUPUNCTURE! I swear it helps immediately. I have a wonderful girl who has helped so much. I buzz, tingle, burn, get ice cold feet. Sometimes it goes up the back of my legs and I can't take that. I work 12 h shifts as a nurse and am miserable when I get off. That's how I got this to begin with after 35 years of standing without sitting. . Gabapentin did not work. I took up to 3 grams and I about fell out of the shower. Stupid insurance wanted me to try it diet up to the max dose. I'm so afraid that it's going to be disabling. :((((

pamee 25 Apr 2015

Stick with the acupuncture if it helps and stop the lyrica. I haven't found anything yet that helps my nerve pain. I think nerve pain has got to be the worse pain in the world. If it wasn't for my faith I may have given up long ago.. I do hope you get relief soon. May God bless you and keep you safe.

smnslyr 25 Apr 2015

Thank you so much. Yes, I never knew what my patients went through. Now I do and it is the worst. Just unending. I can't wear certain socks. I have trigger pain when I cut my toenails. I had a wart frozen on the bottom of my foot and it caused pain of course, but triggered pain in the other foot. *heavy sigh*. I don't know what I'll do when I reach my max treatments with accu. Just not buy certain things. Glad someone else knows how it is as I hate putting it on my partner all the time.

Magbac 27 Apr 2015

Thanks so much for your response. I am allergic to gabapentin. I also tried acupuncture and had treatments for 6 months and did absolutely nothing for me.
So I stopped. So my life goes on with chronic pain every single day and have
been for the last four years and a half years. Am still searching for something that will help.

smnslyr 27 Apr 2015

You know I wonder if diabetic nerve pain is different than nerve damage from standing. Like large nerve fiber vs small nerve fiber damage. I can take one lyrica and it helps. Gabapentin did nothing even at a max dose. I had a friend who had a chemo induced neuropathy and she never got relief even with high doses of narcotics. I would like to see one person here that has been helped. It would give me hope.

thfallon 29 Apr 2015

Had it prescribed for migraine preventative and didn't work. free discount card

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