About 9 days ago I caught a cold a lot of sinus congestion&sinus pressure.on the 3rd day I woke up with an earache,assuming it was an ear infection due to the cold,It felt like fluid was trapped in my ear&felt full&pressure&i couldnt hear.I went to doctor she looked in my ear &said it was really red and swollen that's it.she gave me some drops,which made my pain 10times worse.day 4,I started feeling severe dizziness which im still feeling everyday.the pain wakes me at night ,it feels like its going from my ear into my neck and up into the back of my head like a thunderstorm headache on leftside only .I still have loss of hearing,and now a throbbing sensation inside my ear ,as well as a humming type sound.my neck and head pain are severe and constant.can anyone relate or help me understand what's wrong with me?