After years of successfully taking Cymbalta in a combo of 1 30 meg cap & 1 60 mg cap totally 90 megs every a.m., depression has broken through heavily and I must do something to aid this challenge. This has been a GREAT medication for the total crippling & most painful affects of Fibromyalgia .. not as great for depression. I've already gone the Effexor and Lexapro route so can't use these again. Thank you for any input that can aid me. By the way, I'm a 26 and 3/4 year Traumatic Brain Injury survivor whose brain no longer produces its' own serotonin and a great number of the neurotransmitters - bridges - in my brain, were destroyed. I'm blessed to [a] be alive [b] not having become a paraplegic due to severe brainstem damage and [c] have my iq level come back to a very acceptable number. Again, thank you for any helpful suggestions.